Art of Participatory Leadership & Hosting meaningful conversations

An operating system for conducting effective meetings of any size

Meetings can be highly effective, and even transformative – within this workshop you will experience and learn some of the participatory methods developed and perfected by the Art of Participatory Leadership and Hosting community of the past 20 years. The methods have become a daily tool at the European Commission, are employed at conferences where building trust in interdisciplinary teams and across organisations and open-minded innovation is key.

You will be introduced – depending on your needs – to some of the methods such as World Cafe, Open Space Technology, Pro Action Cafe, and The Circle Way. Using Art of Participatory Leadership practices, each participant takes responsibility for their own experience and contribution. One core principle is the law of two feet: when you feel like you do not contribute to the conversation and are not learning, then please find a place where this is not the case. Be ready to be surprised by the outcomes and the quality of listening that can transform a conflict to a solution.

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