working in sync with the systems around us

We help shift working culture from command & control to integrated participatory whole systems approach with cutting edge methodologies based on systems thinking, the Art of Participatory Leadership, Theory U, the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development, among others.

We recognise that each stakeholder offers at least three opportunities:

  1. as valuable sensor for the system,
  2. as source of inspiration and innovation to improve our products and processes,
  3. and as business opportunity to develop new products and services.

Who is Resonanz?

Photo of Melinda Varfi

Melinda Varfi brings a host of experience from her customer-centric work in public, private, and NGO sector work. Her career has taken her from a telecoms startup, via building up an entrepreneurship academy at a consulting firm, through trade development for biotech at the Hungarian Ministry of Economics.

Since her second masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability she co-founded Resonanz to transform the way we work.

Melinda is actively involved in cutting edge projects exploring change management in organisations, resilience for communities, and entrepreneurship in a new paradigm.


Photo of Mischa Altmann

Mischa Altmann started his career in electronic and electrical engineering at engineering consultancy Arup in London designing mission critical infrastructure for datacentres and hospitals. He was lead engineer at a zero-carbon buildings startup in Oxford before he turned to Sweden for a second masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability.

Together with Melinda Varfi, he has been developing Resonanz to support organisations in realising their maximum potential with a whole systems approach.

Mischa loves supporting complex processes with visual harvests on paper, conducts Sustainability@BoardLevel workshops, invites dialogue in challenging settings and has a keen interest in intercultural work connected to sustainability.

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Resonanz: Melinda Varfi & Mischa Altmann