The Business Case for Strategic Sustainability

An introduction to the framework for strategic sustainable development (FSSD) designed to make strategic decisions for long term prosperity

Format: 2 x 4 hours or one day for interactive board level workshop

an overview of the FSSD in simplified language
an overview of the FSSD in simplified language

A unique opportunity to gain insight into the art of building a sustainable business strategy with a clear focus on
the environment, people and of course underlined by a sound business success. Learn sustainability planning from
an owner, board, and management perspective. The real sustainability opportunity comes from a whole systems
risk management and value creation approach working across all levels.

Integrate ESG and CSR into your business. You will gain
knowledge and tools to provide sustainability work in your
business strategic nudge it may need. You get insight into a
strategic planning tool and learn how to calculate the
benefits of your CSR work. The tool is the basis for
sustainability work in small and large companies such as
Ikea and Electrolux. You get the chance to practice
methodology and work with a practical business case.