Graphic Facilitation

Visualisations to support focused conversations and meaningful results by accessing our natural visual processing capacity

Graphic Facilitation

Have you experienced the limitations of traditional text-based agendas, meeting minutes and bullet points? Graphic Facilitation (aka Graphic Recording) is the art of condensing complex  information into simple visuals that capture the essence. It is not a replacement for a detailed protocol, but rather an enhancement.

Graphic Facilitation happens in realtime, during your event. It adds a new dynamic and opens the possibilities for interactions with participants. Visuals engage a different part of our brain and speak to different parts of our being. This is an opportunity for better communication.

After the event, once the drawing is done. It can be used in social media. It can shape the visual identity of an event and elements of the drawing can be reused in reports, etc as powerful icons and symbols. Videos of the actual drawing process are always loved and often add a wow factor to company/event videos.

Workshop: Introduction to Graphic Facilitation & Visual Storytelling

Format: 2 days practical hands-on interactive workshop (1–3 days customised workshop)

If you, like us, have experienced the limitations of
traditional text-based agendas, meeting minutes and bullet
points, this workshop is just the thing for you. With simple
drawing techniques you will be able to capture big
concepts and key pieces of information in an accessible,
engaging and fun way, even in real-time so everyone is on
the same page.

Graphic facilitation taps into the visual orientation which is
present with most of us – visual cues can help our memory,
guide our thought process and allow us to focus on what
truly matters. Graphic facilitation combines deep listening,
simple drawing techniques and facilitation methodologies
to visualize concepts and processes, provide the overview,
and build a shared language and ownership around a
project, a new strategy or a conference.