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Workshop: Introduction to Graphic Facilitation & Visual Storytelling

Thursday. 9th May 09:00 Friday. 10th May 17:00

to be announced

Vienna, Austria
€600 – €750

We are delighted to once again offer our classic 2-day hands-on workshop introducing Graphic Facilitation to anyone! Challenge accepted? We’ve never failed to ignite the joy and confidence in our “I’m not an artist” & “I cannot draw” workshop participants.

It’s time to show the world what we care about. Graphic Facilitation (and Visual Recording) is the art of filtering words and telling stories with simple visuals. In two days you will develop your own unique drawing style to visually support your communication.

Over the past six years we have given this hand’s on introductory workshop countless times and never failed to be amazed by the diversity of styles and the talent in the room (yes, especially those “I dont know how to draw” participants!): We were born to doodle and draw – together we will re-ignite this skill.

Hands On & Practical

After two days you will walk away with the ability to design your own simple flip charts and understand how to structure content visually. You will have created the beginnings of your own library of icons for key concepts relevant to your field. AND, on top of all of this, you have a kick-ass ready-to-rock poster for your next presentation or meeting.

You are required to have fun, to cheat by copying ideas from others, to tell stories (made up or real) and play.

Ready? come and join us!
Mischa & Melinda

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