EEP – Entrepreneurship in the Emerging Paradigm

This Erasmus+ funded project brought together 12 young sustainability-minded entrepreneurs from eight countries in Europe. The partners all have diverse expertise and focus; most have a background in sustainability, in addition to other studies and professional experience such as design or process facilitation. Through the project, the partners have built on each others’ expertise and exchanged knowledge and good practices.

Over the course of this project, the partners have regularly come together in several online and offline meetings to manage the project and exchange experiences. The meetings served to organise the project, prepare for upcoming events, and share status updates.

The project activities facilitated the exchange of knowledge and practices between the partners and will continue to serve as space for innovation that is further applied in each organisation’s local context. Reversely, local knowledge and good practices on sustainable entrepreneurship were brought to the group in order to enhance the strategic partnership. During the multiplier event and with the help of the online platform, this supportive community of practice was opened to broader audiences, creating an all-inclusive and evolving support network for young social and environmental entrepreneurs.

The project opened a public library of state-of-the-art practices by entrepreneurs that can be viewed and consulted for other projects at