Welcome 2019! Updates & Workshops

Dear Partners, Collaborators, and Kindred Spirits!

Phew, what year and it’s only March! It took us a while to close all threads of 2018 but now we are firmly planted in Earth Pig year 🙂 This year will be about extending invitations and establishing new collaborations.

2018 was a year of transformation for us – not just on a business level: Melinda stepped out of the ImpactHUB Budapest she co-founded. Mischa has spent a good portion of his time developing effective harvesting templates and did a first short animated graphic facilitation video. In summer, we lost our dog Maggie. She was a trusted companion at many of our workshops and an invisible host to many. We are grateful for the many fruitful collaborations and trust we have received from our partners.

Art of Hosting

AoH-Training 2018 Yspertal
AoH-Training 2018 Yspertal
(cc-by) Sylvia Petrovic-Mayer

The Art of Hosting continues to be the foundation in many of our projects as we continue to deepen our practice. Offering Art of Hosting trainings is a source of inspiration that continues. Melinda is developing the field in Hungary and just hosted another Art of Hosting Training there. Meanwhile, Mischa continues hosting regular Wiener Salon fßr Wandel evenings and is developing his collaboration with Ilse and Holger at Verein Transformation Leben:

Art of Hosting Training Austria (in German),
28. April – 1. May 2019, Yspertal

Graphic Facilitation

graphic recording - wordle for Innovationsstiftung für Bildung (2018)
sometimes simple does it. In this case on across 3 meters.

We enjoyed wonderful opportunities to support complex processes with graphic facilitation and harvesting throughout 2018. It’s beautiful to see the power of harvesting templates in action. This year we are delighted to bring back our classic open graphic facilitation workshops – especially for all who say “i-don’t-know-how-to-draw” – challenge accepted!

Graphic Facilitation Workshop, 9. – 10. May, Vienna
& again after summer: 9. – 10. Oct, Vienna


The Groundwork Model

The Groundwork is the new kid on the block for us and has proven to be a simple and powerful model for good collaboration helping to identify areas of improvement and blind spots. For us it is a missing link between the Art of Hosting and Organisational Development. After a truly wicked workshop with the founders James, Rowan and Toke, we are delighted to welcome this great team again in May to dive deeper into the Groundwork model: Bring a challenging project and develop it over two days with us and the Groundwork model:

The Groundwork
14. -15. May, Vienna

Looking Ahead

In our laboratory, we’ve been busy developing new collaboration that span the globe. We can’t wait to share, but for now we need to keep our lips sealed! 🙂

One nearly hatched collaboration is between Bob Wing and Melinda who explore what it means to “rewild” our nature. Bob is an Art of Hosting steward and Aikido master. Who can say no to a retreat in the Alps to connect to their wild side in June? More about this in the next newsletter.
We loved working with you on meaningful projects and look forward to support you as hosts, harvesters and/or graphic facilitators. 

2019 will be a good year for collaboration! Let it be colourful & joyful 🙂 

Melinda and Mischa

Melinda & Mischa posing with infinity sculpture
Melinda & Mischa posing with infinity sculpture